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Logo-ul proiectului la nivel european
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E-TWINNING: Project’s Twin Space https://twinspace.etwinning.net/35207/home

WEBSITE: https://www.ournoplaceforhate.com/




We named our project as ‘ No Place For Hate ‘, which we think is the remedy for all people. We know that international dialogue, peace, tolerance are necessary virtues to solve many troubles that we encounter. To see differences as a source of richness prevents the extinction of other cultures in such a global world.

One of the main aims of the project is to raise the students’ awareness towards other cultures, encourage students to learn different foreign languages, stimulate all the partners to make use of the ICT tools of communication, so as to improve their competence in this area. A more intensive European cooperation will be achieved by getting to know each partner and learning about each other’s culture.

Another main aim of our project is to make the students with disadvantaged backgrounds feel proud of themselves. They will take part in the national activities, sports, festivals and workshops actively.

The project will help the partners to develop multicultural understanding and awareness of the other communities. By sharing experiences together during the project meetings and participating to different activities teachers and students will have the chance to get involved in different, interesting and enjoyable opportunity to spend time with their European partners.

A high appreciation of the role of students and teaching staff will be increased by the local and regional communities within the European Community.

All our activities are student oriented and focuses mainly on student involvement. They can be accomplished with their participation from various backgrounds and equal number of genders. As partners, we believe that the project activities will be fully integrated into each institution’s curriculum through daily lessons and thematic projects.

Our project includes many activities about art, music, dance, food, lifestyles and sports. By covering different fields we intend to highlight the cultural items and cultural differences. This is necessary both for those who should learn their own culture and who should compare their culture with others as well.

There will be six schools from six different European countries in the project. Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.1 Branesti is the coordinator. UK, Turkey, Portugal, Croatia and Poland are the partner countries.

The results can be summarized as follows: A presentation about each country will be created by partners. Students in each country will make three dimensional models about their historical places and they will exhibit them. They will also create a jingle of the project that will be presented during its development. Also the symbol of the project will be designed by students. Other results we expect are a project corner, painting contest, essay contest, t-shirt designing contest about cultural diversity, audio-visual daily multi-language dictionary (pupils will study and vocalize other countries’ daily expressions and we record the audios during the student exchange event in Romania then combine all of them in an online dictionary) , European dictionary, cultural game created with Strach coding (Polish students will teach other students during the student exchange in UK, newspapers to be created by students at the end of each year, teaching the national sports, traditional food and folk dance of all the partner countries to the students of other schools.

Each school will establish a Diversity Club. Students meet every week and discuss issues of diversity and design activities to introduce various culture groups within the school. Students will embrace and celebrate their similarities and differences while fighting against bullying via the school’s diversity club. The club consists of students who want to spread cultural acceptance through their school and community.

We will share the outputs such as presentations, leaflets, audio-visual daily language dictionary and different contests etc. on Twin Space, on the project website and YouTube. Therefore we will make access possible for everyone who wants to see the concrete results of the project and learn about it. They will be available for all the people around the world after the project finishes.


Articole în presa județeană- Jurnalul de Ilfov

Erasmus+ corner
Jingle-ul propus de elevii școlii noastre coordonați de d-ra prof. Iustina- Daniela Ilie.

Jingle Contest at European Level  https://www.poll-maker.com/results1950579x8327473B-51
Logo-ul creat de eleva clasei a VII-a B, Radu Cosmina Georgia, propus de școala noastră pentru competiția la nivel european
logo proposal RO

Logo Contest at European Level https://www.poll-maker.com/results1949062xa6653473-51


Felicitările de Crăciun si de Anul Nou 2018 sunt gata pentru a fi trimise copiilor din Anglia, Croația, Polonia, Portugalia si Turcia. Poștaș-șef: George Alexandru, clasa a VII-a B.

XMAS cards

Felicitările de Crăciun si de Anul Nou 2019 sunt gata pentru a fi trimise copiilor din Anglia, Croația, Polonia, Portugalia si Turcia. Poștaș-șef: Dragos-Ionut Lefter, clasa a VIII-a B.

xmas cards 2nd year 


Diversity-Club 2017-2019



DC Laught day, no34


Traditional food- Chiseleap from Branesti https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1b7ucdd31w5pun/Chiseleap%20Sc1BranestiIlfov.avi?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR30UZrbN_tDPYCiW9jeE159kUA46tL10Ff97nr6rBA-M_JpmmXToEnPUFc


May2018 leaflet  1flyer leaflet2


-with Croatia Ro-Cro 24.11.17

-with Portugal


-with Turkey


Transnational Project Meeting in Portugal TPM in Santarem

Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in the UK ERASMUSProject_T1_UK

England Andrei website testimonial

Short-term joint staff training events in Croatia- web tools 2.0

Team in Croatia




-traditional Croatian dance

Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Poland– our students present themselves

Our students on Polish TV http://wlkp24.info/wszystkie-drogi-prowadza-do-polski-program-erasmus-w-sp7/?fbclid=IwAR3bf3oYF31YQ5YC76ATIlBNpu0iWW537CfuFIQ7T2j3b68uA0avROq-9n4

Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Branesti, Romania









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